A feature-rich .NET client for the Riak KV store


Welcome to the home of CorrugatedIron, a .NET library that gives developers the ability to talk to Riak, Basho's highly-available Key-Value store. CorrugatedIron was written in C#, and targets v4.0 of the .NET runtime. Given the desire to make Riak accessible to .NET developers regardless of their platform, CorrugatedIron runs on both the Microsoft CLR (v4.0) and Mono (v2.10 and higher).

In this site you'll find documentation, samples and links to source and binary downloads. Stay a while, have a read, enjoy the site. If you find any issues with it, please fork it and submit a pull request, or just drop us a line.

CorrugatedIron is the first Open Source release from OJ Reeves and Jeremiah Peschka. Both of us are long term users of and contributers to various Open Source projects, but this is the first time we've both built something from the ground up to share with the world. We hope you find it useful!


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